In the Spring of 2017 it was noticed that three of the four annexes of the Jasper Centre in Maple Creek Saskatchewan were having water from melting snow and rain seeping into the basement. To prevent damage, immediate masonry repairs were required and undertaken  to repair the problem. We now ask for your assistance to help pay for those repairs.
The Jasper Centre is not only situated in the physical heart of Maple Creek, but it is also the heart of the area’s historical and cultural   community. The Jasper Centre is a multi-purpose cultural facilty which showcases and promotes the arts and heritage of our community and provides a unique experience for all who visit and participate in its many programs.
The red brick school, built in two stages (1910 and 1913) was saved from demolition in 1986 by a group of dedicated citizens, and with considerable vision and hard work it opened its doors on July 1, 1988. It is through community support and donations from people like you, we are still operating after 30 years.

Please help us defray the costs of this work by visiting our GoFundMe page today!