The Jasper Centre’s Annual Ranch Rodeo

Has Been Cancelled for 2018




About the Ranch Rodeo

A Ranch Rodeo is slightly different from the traditional rodeos held all across North America. It is designed to replicate the functions cowboys have to perform, out on the open range, miles from the ranch buildings and corrals.

Range cowboys have to herd the cattle, ‘cut out’ the ones which need attending to, rope them and secure them so they can brand them or doctor them. These cowboys also have to herd horses, capture them, and break them to the saddle


These Ranch Rodeo events challenge the skills of the modern day cowboy …


The Penning event includes cutting out specific animals from the herd, and driving them into a designated pen within a 3 minute time.

The Doctoring event entails cutting out specific animals, team rope head & heel, tag the animal, then remove ropes, all within a 2 minute time.


In the Branding event, a team of 3 captures and secures a calf, paint brands it and releases the animal, all timed.

Wild Cow Milking
Wild Cow Milking challenges the teams to capture a wild cow, milk her, and return the bottle of milk to the judges. Not any easy task for anyone!


Horse Catching
The Horse Catching event has a team member capture, saddle and remount their team’s horse while being timed.


Bronc Riding
Bronc Riding is a traditional event. Individual team members ride a bronc for a 6 second time. The judges decide on winner. The wilder the better!

Contact Information

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